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Electronics & Communication Engineering

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

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The Department of Electronics & communication Engineering was established in the year 2009 and the first batch of ECE graduates rolled out in 2011. Now, the department offers (ECE) Regular,. Right from its inception, the department has progressed with a vision centred on the empowerment of the students through academic and professional development and a strong commitment in developing competent career oriented programs, enhancing the Library and laboratory facilities and providing excellent training to the students. The Electronics & Communication Engineering Department is a dynamic and vibrant department with about  highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members. several years of teaching and industrial experience.

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Lab Details -Lab Infrastructure

The department possesses excellent infrastructure including following laboratories.

The electronics laboratory is equipped with power supplies, CRO’s, function generators,and measuring instruments.The communication laboratory is equipped with radio receiver kits, T.V. demonstration kits,digital receivers, fiber optical kits and various antenna models. These labs are also used to conduct evening,summer and winter courses. The areas of both the laboratories are 13.60mX7.80m.

8051 microcontroller kits. The area of this laboratory is 10.00mX10.00m.

Electronics II digital lab is equipped with power supplies, CRO’s, function generators, digital kits and measuring instruments. The area of this laboratory is 10.00mX7.90m.

The area of this center is 16.90m X 7.90m.This lab consists of Intel Pentium Xeon Server with LAN of 61 terminals, and various peripherals. This center consists of Microsoft licence software’s and simulation software’s such as LAB VIEW, PSpice,Multi sim MP LAB, ORCAD, KEILc and PLC LAB. The same lab is extended for VLSI and EMBEDDED SYSTEM DESIGN experiments with Xilinx Spartan trainer kits and embedded kits

Faculty Details

1Mr.S.RAJA       M.E.,Power Electronics and DrivesHOD
2Mr.P.Lalitharun       M.E.,Applied Electronics EnggLECTURER
3Ms.S.Nishanthi       M.E.,VLSI DESIGNLECTURER
3Mrs.K.Gayathri       B.E.,Digtal ElectronicsLECTURER

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