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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

About Department

                 Electricity plays a major and vital role in each and every field of technology. Hence there will be a huge demand for Electrical Diploma holders in the forthcoming years. Electrical Engineering branch is one of the earliest of the branches and was started when this institution came into existence in the year 2009.This department offers Diploma courses in Electrical and Electronics Engineering for full time for a period of 3 academic years. The syllabus is framed in such a way to empower the community of students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering with essential skills and technical knowledge through blending the equal proportions of theoretical and hands-on experience.

               The department has always strived to maintain its high standards. Apart from the theoretical course work, the department believes that the students should have a sound knowledge in practical work. In view of the above the  department offers practical courses in Electrical Machines, Electrical Workshop, Wiring and Winding, Control of Electrical machines,Microcontroller, Power Electronics, ECAD, Simulation. These labs promise to pose new and challenging problems to the students and provide the necessary knowledge.

                The students of the department always hold the name of the institution in good repute. The aim of the Electrical and Electronics Engineers is the transmission of information with least probability of error. The Department has a devoted team of faculty members who are well qualified and experienced in the areas of Electrical Machines, Control of Electrical Machines, Power System, Power Electronics, Microcontroller and also in the related fields.

                  Students are motivated to participate in curricular and co curricular activities within and outside the institution. Electrical engineering department produced  State Ranks for each semester. Most of the students are self employed, under gone higher studies and placed in various industries.

                  Apart from the curriculum, experts are invited for specialized topics to add additional skills for the students. Guest lectures are arranged through associations for the students in order to be in-line with the industries. Students are visiting reputed industries during their course of study. Students are provided opportunities to undergo internship, In-plant training.

Vision & Mission

Course Highlights:

Department features

Career Guidelines given to the final year students

              In order to promote the various skills among the final year students to face the task effectively the following short term courses  are conducted.

  1. Career guidance program
  2. Personality Development
  3. Career Planning
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Aptitude Training
  6. Interview Skills
  7. Self-awareness and Interpersonal skills.

Students Achievement

Arunkumar II year EEE got a State first in April 2012 Board Examinations (99.33%)

Lab Details -Lab Infrastructure

The department possesses excellent infrastructure including following laboratories.

This lab is installed with Transformers, AC and DC Motors and Generators to conduct various load tests and predetermination tests. Motor testing as per BIS Facilities are also available.

  • Control of Electrical machines lab has various types of starters in AC & DC, Braking and Plugging, reversing, control AC & DC using contactors and timers.

Various types of wiring tools are equipped to perform the different types of wiring and winding experiments.

This Lab has Electronics and Digital trainer kits and circuit boards, discrete analog and digital components to construct, test, verify and simulate the analog and digital electronic circuits.

This lab is equipped with 8085 Microprocessor kits, 8051 Microcontroller kits, 8051 Development Board, Universal Programmer, PIC controller kits, Arduino Microcontroller board and various interfacing kits such as keyboard, LCD display, stepper motor, DC motor interface A/D and D/A conversion kits and simulation tools.

This lab has facilities to conduct performance characteristics of power electronic devices, power converters and power electronic utilities. AC and Dc drives, stepper motor drives are also available.

Control of Electrical machines lab has various types of starters in AC & DC, Braking and Plugging, reversing, control AC & DC using Programmable Logic Controller.

This lab contains 24 systems. This lab utilities AUTO CAD 2010, MAT Lab.

Design a various Electrical circuits using a AUTO CAD. Simulate and run the Electrical circuits using MAT Lab.

Faculty Details





Power System Engineering

Electrical Machines, Control System, Power System.





Power Electronics and Drives

Electrical Machines, Control System, Power System.





Power System Engineering

Electrical Machines, Microprocessor, Electrical Estimation





Applied Electronics

Circuit Theory, Power Electronics, Transducer.





Applied Electronics

Electronics Devices & Circuits, Microprocessor, Transducer.

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